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SmartPro 5000U USB Programador

SmartPRO 5000U was designed to be the ultra-fastest, reliable, and versatile programmer in supporting today??s and tomorrow??s device programming challenges.
SmartPRO 5000U incorporates a high speed CPU, Hi-Speed USB 2.0, and powerful FPGA structure to meet programming challenges today and into the future. With a 32Mbit memory buffer which is expandable to up to a compact flash card, MagicPRO series is always here making the best even better.
SmartPRO 5000U combines a stand-alone system, ICP downloading with stand PC hosted operation for high speed, flexible programming of devices in design engineering and production applications.
SmartPRO 5000U present high-performance on NAND flash and CPLD/FPGA programming.
SmartPRO 5000U ergonomic design and software interface maximizes operator efficiency by combining speed and scalability in one system.

By external power supply
AC input voltage: 100-240V/47-63Hz
DC output voltage: 12V/2A
Dimensions: 280mm?170mm?57mm (L?W?H)
Mass: 0.9 kg (1.98 Pounds)

Interface Port: USB2.0 port
Includes high speed CPU and 4Mbit memory buffer as standard.High-speed FPGA driven hardware for ultra-fast programming.
A CF memory card slot can be used to expand the unit??s memory to a maximum of 4Gbytes. (Memory cards are only required for stand-alone jobs lager than 4Mbits.)
LCD displays programming status on a 16x4 character display
Built-in keyboard for local operation.
Calibration: automatic self-calibration
Diagnostics: pin continuity test, RAM, ROM, CPU, pin drivers, power supply, communications, cable, calibration verification timing

PC System
Requirements: Windows NT/2000/XP

PIN Drivers:
Quantity: 48-pins standard
Rise Time: 6ns
VCC Range: 1.8~10V
Icc Range: 0~800mA continuously programmable
VPP Range: 2.5~25V
Ipp Range: 0~400mA continuously programmable
Clocks: continuously variable 1Hz~48MHz
Protection: overcurrent shutdown, power failure shutdown
Independence: pin drivers and waveform generators are fully independent and concurrent

Algorithms : Uses manufacturer approved algorithms
File Type: It can handle file in binary/machine code , Intel Hex, Techtronics, Signetics, Motorola, ASCII,MS-DOS fn. COM & EXE , DRAFT etc.
Device Supported: including, but not limited to low voltage, PROM, EPROM, EEPROM, Flash EEPROM, Microcontrollers, GAL. SRAM, TTL/CMOS device test.
S/W update: Virtually supports you, and free life-time software updates are available!

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Este producto esta en nuestro catálogo desde mircoles 28 septiembre, 2011.
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